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  • Hourly Charts SPY and QQQ
    Market recap August 23 daily and hourly charts in live trade room. SPY Daily Chart The chart is showing a repetitive pattern, noted in the boxes, for the top and a pullback on the daily chart for $SPY.  Price has broken the bullish trendline and is showing the sellers in control here.  In June we […]
  • Live Trade Room Watch List August 22, 2019
    Live Trade Room Watch List August 22, 2019 This is August trading with lower volume and sometimes extended range days.  Could take a few more days for trades to hold their support. Take your time here as tweets have been moving this market.  The pull back and forth between Trump and the FED are moving […]
  • Gold trading and Dollar index who will lead?
    Gold trading and Dollar Index who will lead? Dollar index is at new highs. Normally when the dollar index is showing strength the gold market responds with weakness. Price action on the Dollar index could stay in a consolidated range from 97-100 until we see some interest rate reductions from the FED. Gold has moved […]