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  • Gold trading – $1300 danger of entering a bearish trend
    Gold Trading Danger of entering a bearish trend. Gold trading, this market is in a precarious position as buyers haven’t been able to break the 1365 resistance and have now fallen back to support close to the $1300 range. Price action is favoring the sellers and the 200 MA (200 day moving average) is the […]
  • Stock Trading GILD 13 February 2018
    Timing Trading Schedule, tomorrow, by staying patient and get in the trade before break out. Stock Profile Strong : Good volumes Great rating Positive Cash-flow Outstanding from others competitors Industry Analysis Weekly: Up trend Price supported by last tops Touch and continuous on Up trend Daily: At the end of short term trend Good resistance […]
  • Stock Trading SPY February 13 2018
    Weekly Timing Stock Profile Most of stock and indices moving almost same way since few days. It’s why I’m referring to SPY. However, it is important to leave some sector away. Such as: Material Energy Consumer Staple Real Estate Since most of stock’s will have similar move as SPY,  I will show my expectation on […]