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  • Stock market at highs showing weakness, day trading tops.
    Day Trading Topping patterns and divergence.The SPY is hitting it’s top, the price action had quite a bit of momentum. Compare this to transports and the Russel Index. There is a gap in the price action where the S&P500 looks like it wants to break out and the IYT and the IWM look like they […]
  • Live trading April 2, 2019 live trade room
    Stocks to watch April 2, 2019 Live trade roomAMRN live day trading chart Watch as the daily chart has posted an bull flag on the run up from $17.00 if we can keep the consolidated pattern, then we could have a break over $21 to challenge the swing highs. IWM weekly chart Watch as this […]
  • Small Cap stocks and open position – Friday stocks
    Small cap stocks and open positions going into Friday January 25, 2019 These are the small cap stocks and large cap stocks I will be watching at the open on Friday:  $NFLX $ROKU $CLRO $APDN $BIOC $CLO $XLF $FAS $CGC These are the small cap stocks and large cap stocks. Mostly swing trades. $SNNA   […]